Macbook Pro, Macbook or Windows Laptop

I am awaiting the release of the Intel core 2 duo processor before I buy a laptop, I am very interested in the Apple range but can not get a firm idea of when they will be in the shops, Apple are very secretive about when they launch the products, everybody says it will be on a Tuesday, but which Tuesday is the larger question.

From the other manufacturers, Toshiba, Dell, HP and Sony have all anounced the new laptops, but with shipping in 2-3 weeks, other manufacturers have also announced the cpu in there laptops but I feel more comfortable with one from the larger names.

IBM's laptop is looking a maybe but the x60 can not be upgraded where the t60 can but has a 7 day lead time on the 14" model due to the 15" model being favoured by most people.

The main things I want are portability, long battery life and for the machine to have a long life.