Nearly there

The new venture is nearly complete to launch on the world.

An alternative to paypal..

Well today after getting rightly annoyed with paypal, I found this service Moneybookers they look to do all the same stuff as paypal, but seem to allow me to verify my bank account, something that paypal would not allow, as they said my bank did not allow direct debits (now I know my bank does do direct debits, as I see the monies go out of my account each month)

Magento theme, one of the best I have found

A good resource for mobile apps push notifications on ios

Copied the text here to ensure if the link goes I have a copy.

Programming Apple Push Notification Services

One of the key limitations of the iPhone is its constraint on running applications in the background. Because of this, applications cannot keep running in the background when the user switches to another application. So, applications that require a constant state of connectivity (such as social networking applications) will not be able to receive timely updates.

online accountants for limited companies

Got told of a new accountancy service, that allows you to interact completely through their web site there are other services around on the internet, but this one has been the only one that I have seen sofar that does the end of year filings as well as the VAT submissions, you can create a demo account here

Its been done with contractors in mind, but will work for any limited company.

Creating apple notification certificates

To get started with APNS you need to generate an certificate unique to each applications which will support APNS. You need to log into your iPhone developer portal with “Team Agent” access. Only users with “Team Agent” access can do the below mentioned process. The iPhone developer portal with “Team Agent ” has a detailed steps to generate an APNS certificate. You should be able to see the screen shown below in the portal to start creating your APNS certificate. Follow the steps mentioned below:-

Setting up multiple memcached instances

Little bit of snow :)

installing memcache on centos through yum

Also upgrading php to v5.2 on centos JSON is the issue on 5.1.6 (issue is its not supported till 5.2)

adding images to drupal

Good PDF can be got here