Lets fly campain

On the way to work each morning I see this poster by the side of the eurotrains depot. I think its an origional idea and the placement is supurb as it is in full view of the Heathrow express.

Linux finding text inside files

Well this one is just so I remember how to do this, I keep forgetting the exact syntax and have to look it up on other sites, so if I put it on mine I know where it is....

in the shell

find . -type f -exec grep -i "phrase to find" {} \; -print

this finds starting from the "." location all files that contain the "phrase to find" and in a case insensitive way.

La ferria de Algeciras

Patricia enjoying the annual fair in Algeciras

La ferria de Algeciras

Strange things in the street

A 3 wheeled moped that I saw on the street whilst walking past a moto parking bay today

It passed

Its a scary day when your car has to go for an mot in the uk, much like the feeling you get before a big exam.

As i do not use the car much the main threat is stuck parts, so a little blast was in order to loosen the car first.

The next item to be done is a service.

Drive through France

For the weekend we decided to go skiing in Marsella, we could of gone by plane and rented a car to get to the apartment, but we decided to go in the Jeep through France overnight.

One thing I would say is that it was very tiring, but defiantly something that I would do again.

GPRS, Bluetooth, w880i and a MacBook Pro working together

After the ease of which I managed to get my new toys connected (the MacBook Pro and the Sony Ericsson w880i)

I thought I would try to push the envelope further and get my MacBook Pro to utilise the Bluetooth relationship and route my interent requests through GPRS on my phone.

Again my trusty tool google was well used and I found the following sites on the subject

  1. John R Chang's page on connecting over Bluetooth and GPRS to the internet

Configuring the w880i with a mac

Well I brought the phone, I am now the owner of the new super slim w880i phone from Sony Ericsson.

My next challange was to get the contacts from my Windows Mobile 5 powered Orange SPV M3100, my initial thought was to use bluetooth and transfer all the contacts by selecting them all and sending them to the new phone.

  1. WM5 does not allow you to select more than one contact
  2. WM5 does not sync with a Mac without other software (Missing Sync)

Ai aka W880i

Since the iPhone is not going to be release in the UK until December 2007, I wanted something to tide me over in the phone area, currently the M3100 that I am using is bulky, will not last more than 3 days on a full charge.


Looking around on the current phone market there were a few new models like the LG Shine, LG Prada, Nokia 8800, but the Sony Ericsson caught my eye due to the features and size.

Facts and Figures


Apple Reinvents the Phone with iPhone

Announced today during a keynote speach at the Macworld conference in San Francisco, is the new iPhone, this looks to be the most advanced phone that you can buy today, with full widescreen video capability, smartphone and music player.

Technical Specifications are as follows

  • Screen size - 3.5 inches
  • Screen resolution - 320 by 480 at 160 ppi
  • Input method - Multi-touch
  • Operating system - OS X
  • Storage - 4GB or 8GB