Largest file in the disk for unix

Removal of a e46 rear bumper

A very good guide on how to do this on a facelift saloon is here

and some more information on the clips is here

Going racing...

Well to make more of my love for cars, I am going to racing a car in a racing series this year.

The championship is called the BMWRDC ( and my car is being prepared by myself (apart from the cage as I need it to have a certificate)

You can see the progress here for the build diary.

Putting firefox into developer mode.

Putting the following in a browser url bar, can put the page into a editable mode.

javascript: document.body.contentEditable = 'true'; document.designMode = 'on'; void 0

Which new phone...

Well looking around for a new phone as the contract on my Blackberry is up in one month (although for the last 12 months I have been using a unlocked Apple iPhone ;) )

The phones I have considered are as follows :

  • Apple iPhone on pay as you go
  • Blackberry storm
  • sony X1
  • HTC Touch HD
  • Googles G1

comparison of the phones in sizes and weight as below

Phone Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (g) Operating System

google phone prices on t-mobile

Prices for the t-mobile Google phone the G1

Phone Price Minutes Texts Internet
£139.99 200 200 unlimited
£69.99 300 300 unlimited
£39.00 700 unlimited unlimited
Free 800 unlimited unlimited

The unlimited internet is mobile plus, which means that you can use the phone as a modem, if you like,

Well we have swapped from MT to Drupal


Got some new wheels on the car

Well after much deliberation I purchased a second hand set of Techart Daytonas with the correct offsets for the 993. The size of the rims is front: 8.5x18 et 40 and rear:11x18 et 34


Coldfusion MX and verity issues

Whilst in my day job issues arise, the recent one is that installing Coldfusion MX 8 onto a windows server can sometimes fail to configure verity completely, a very good guide can be found here

911 in Holborn

The porsche was parked up in London, near Holborn. The message on the side was a strange one.

911 in Holborn