Getting a NIE for Spain

Well, in order to live in Spain for more than 183 days a year you need the equivalent of the National Insurance number in Spain this is called the NIE (Numero de Identidad de Extranjeros).

You need the NIE to do the following.

• Apply for a business permit
• Apply for a mortgage/loan
• Buy/sell property in Spain
• Buy a vehicle
• Employment
• Inheritance of assets in Spain
• Insure Property
• Pay taxes
• Sign onto the national Social Security Health plan


1 Onion, chopped into small pieces
5-6 Corgettes, chopped into small cubes
4-5 Peppers, usually green, chopped into small cubes
5-6 Tomartoes, pealed and then deseeded and choped into small cubes
Olive Oil
Pinch of Salt
2 Eggs

Add the oil into a saucepan over a low - medium heat
Add in the Onions and stir for 5 minutes
Add in the Corgettes, cover the saucepan and leave on the heat for 10 minutes and stir occasionally
Add in the Peppers, cover the saucepan and leave on the heat for 10 minutes and stir occasionally

simple tasks, buying a printer

Well, I thought it would be simple in these times to pick up a printer at the local computer store (store name not given to protect the staff)

Ordered the printer from my local store (as the model I wanted was not in stock, new model and was proving to be popular.) They gave an initial indication that it would be delivered to the store in about 3-4 days and they would call me when it arrived, this is where the trouble started.

Ruby and the rails

well I have been hearing a lot about the ruby language in magzines and thought I would install it on the macbook pro, after a little google search for this I found this very good article here that assisted me to install not just a later version of ruby but the webserver and database at the same time in simple to follow instructions.

Working in London

Well I did it brought a laptop to use on the train on the journey to and from work, its ok, but not ideal as the trains in the uk that I have to use are a little small to use a laptop on your lap!

The machine fits but you can normally open the screen to only 80 degrees, this is not an optiomal angle for a TFT screen, I choose a matte finish on my laptop and after looking across at a fellow commuter attempting to use a glossy screen, and from the constant movement of his body and the adjusting of the screen, he was not happy with the reflections or visability of his screen.

Got It

well after the long wait i have the new machine (core 2 duo) macbook pro, initial feelings are that its one cool notebook, does not seam to run that hot.

All I have to do now is overcome the mac osx operating system and learn how to do my day to day tasks.

I will post some photos of my new toy soon

Well pac is still not obtained

Still we try to get a pac from virgin mobile, they are now saying in the next couple of days we can apply again to recieve it, we will see.

Why is is so hard to get

I don't know what it is with mobile phone providers in the UK, but trying to get the PAC (port access code) references from them is sometimes a very long and drawn out process.

My own experience was with o2, it took over 3 months, and numerous calls to get the PAC from them, the normal routine was

Macbook Pro, Macbook or Windows Laptop

I am awaiting the release of the Intel core 2 duo processor before I buy a laptop, I am very interested in the Apple range but can not get a firm idea of when they will be in the shops, Apple are very secretive about when they launch the products, everybody says it will be on a Tuesday, but which Tuesday is the larger question.

From the other manufacturers, Toshiba, Dell, HP and Sony have all anounced the new laptops, but with shipping in 2-3 weeks, other manufacturers have also announced the cpu in there laptops but I feel more comfortable with one from the larger names.