Working in London

Well I did it brought a laptop to use on the train on the journey to and from work, its ok, but not ideal as the trains in the uk that I have to use are a little small to use a laptop on your lap!

The machine fits but you can normally open the screen to only 80 degrees, this is not an optiomal angle for a TFT screen, I choose a matte finish on my laptop and after looking across at a fellow commuter attempting to use a glossy screen, and from the constant movement of his body and the adjusting of the screen, he was not happy with the reflections or visability of his screen.

The other part of my laptop that I am loving is the suspend facility on the Macbook Pro, as I have only shutdown the laptop twice since I brough it (this was to travel on a plane), unlike the hibernate / suspend facility in the Microsoft Operating system that crashed repeatidly or would not restore. Although I have only had the laptop for 4 weeks, it seams to be the best os that I have used.