simple tasks, buying a printer

Well, I thought it would be simple in these times to pick up a printer at the local computer store (store name not given to protect the staff)

Ordered the printer from my local store (as the model I wanted was not in stock, new model and was proving to be popular.) They gave an initial indication that it would be delivered to the store in about 3-4 days and they would call me when it arrived, this is where the trouble started.

Four days passed and no call, so I attempted to call them, they had given me a number that goes direct to the store, but forgot to tell me that it would not be picked up by staff unless it rang out 3 times in succession. I looked on the web for the store number, but got a number that is a national number and goes to a store in another area of the country. Eventually spoke to somebody and got told that part of my printer (the duplex unit was in the store, but they did not know where) but the printer was not due till tomorrow. But they would look into it and call me back later.

As you can expect by now, no call later, so on the phone to them again and yet again trouble getting them to pick up the phone, when I did speak to somebody I managed to get the sales manager and he promised to call me back. He did (3 hours later) and told me that the printer could be in tomorrow (7 days after originally ordered) and advised that I should call tomorrow.

As requested I called and got told that they would not have the printer in for another week, but I can pick up the duplex unit, I explained the duplex would be of no value without the printer to go with it. I then asked if any other stores would have one of these printers that they could get shipped over, they stated a store 20 miles away had 10, but they would not be able to get one for me. So I drove to the other store 20 miles away to get the printer in person, that I thought would be easy, shows the little that I knew.

When I arrived at the other store they said that they could not give me one as I had not ordered it from them, and they would not do a refund of the original order, as they had not sold it to me.

I suggested that I brought one from them (new order) and as they had reduced in price I would be better off, they then went on to tell me that I could not purchase the printer at the new lower price and would have to pay the same price as last week, this was argued with for about 5 minutes, in the end I gave in and just wanted the printer (I would get a refund for the first printer from my local store), as the transaction was finalised, the store manager poked his head in and suggested that all was ok, I suggested it was not as I had just paid £50 more for a printer than it was on sale for and I was not happy, strangely he realised that this was a mistake and I then had the recent sale refunded and the printer brought at the lower price.

Only need to pick up the duplexer and get the original printer order refunded. Back at my local store, the person I spoke to had to locate the duplex unit (quite hard as they did not know where it could be, but they did find it) although they did look reluctant to refund my origin order, eventually they did.

But the story has a happy ending; I have a wireless printer, with duplexer.