GPRS, Bluetooth, w880i and a MacBook Pro working together

After the ease of which I managed to get my new toys connected (the MacBook Pro and the Sony Ericsson w880i)

I thought I would try to push the envelope further and get my MacBook Pro to utilise the Bluetooth relationship and route my interent requests through GPRS on my phone.

Again my trusty tool google was well used and I found the following sites on the subject

  1. John R Chang's page on connecting over Bluetooth and GPRS to the internet
  2. Ross Barkmans website, mobile phone modem scripts and settings
  3. Article on in the support section

After reading completly the above sites, I embarked on getting my laptop and phone connected. To my surprise this worked first time, and now I have the ability to connect to the internet when ever or where ever I am as long as I have GPRS coverage.